Work From home Spots vs. Our Dream Work Spots

I asked the team to share with me their current work from home photo and their dream spots. Now, these are dream homes but they are all currently for sale in our area. :)

Here is my current work spot:

I ❤️ my work from home area but if I am dreaming...I crave unique. Check out these dreamy unique homes. 

Here is Lindsey's current spot:

Lindsey is first...So while I ❤️ my current work from home spot, I’m day dreaming of sunshine ☀️ and warmer weather! I’m ready to break out the flip flops. Here are my top picks of work from home spots...Pools and Porches were my common theme! Check out Lindsey's picks here. 

Cryssi's current spot:

Next up is Cryssi's...I ❤️ my current work from home spot as being able to gather my family around is important to me. I decided to do a little dreaming and here are my top picks of work from home spots with fantastic gathering spots...Check out Cryssi's picks here

Brittany's current spot:

Brittany's...I ❤️ my office at home! But if I'm dreaming I'm torn between an indoor office or a dream outdoor space to work in....Check out Brittany's picks here.

Jessica's current spot.

Jessica's...I ❤️ being able to work from home. I do tend to dream, here are a few top picks of houses with some natural light pouring views that I absolutely love! Check out Jessica's here.

Chad's current spot:

And Chad's...His office space is a tad different than mine.  For him it is all about the land...Check out Chad's here. 

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