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A MUST have list vs a WISH list while house hunting in Cartersville!

Hey future home buyers! Having a MUST have list vs a WISH list can make a big difference to how the process ends when you have the keys in hand. 
 I’m here to help boost your home buying confidence with my FREE guide that will walk you through some key questions to help you determine the top factors to consider when you start your home search (checklist included!) When it comes time to determine what you are looking for in a home. This can help you  know...

How to get over the house that got away!

How to get over the house that got away:
Pull up a chair and come on in! I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee and I'm here to help relieve your house hunting blues.
They say Real Estate Agents double as "therapists" for a reason you know!
You found THE ONE. You wrote THE OFFER; you created Pinterest boards...

We are celebrating the end of Summer and kicking off the Fall season!

We celebrating the end of the Summer Season and kicking off the Fall Season!!! Lunch at Largos was delicious and as you can see we had some fun!!

These ladies have walked some miles this summer! I'm not going to lie, buyers have had a rough season with multiple offers and competing with cash offers BUT today was all about...
Cryssi, Karma, Tiffaney, and Lauren because they have handle this year with grace and confidence!
Being on a team isn't for everyone, because "team" at the heart of it, is a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal. And our goal at Jenny Smith and Associates is YOU!
We truly are committed to your goals and helping you achieve your real estate dreams! And as we walk in this new...

Are you seeing this???

Are you seeing this ❗❓

8 pages of price drops in our three county area! Right HERE

Homebuyers -

Today, now, this weekend. T̲H̲I̲S̲ I̲S̲ Y̲O̲U̲R̲ T̲I̲M̲E̲!̲

!!Email after email this week with these headlines!!


Price Reduction.
New Price.
Price Adjustment
Price Change.
 New Listing Price.

As a homebuyer, you want to jump ALLLL over this!!! We're experiencing some buyer fatigue + overpriced homes which has resulted in these headlines.

We have slowed a bit.
But slow...