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Q: How Can I Winterize My Home?

These are two quick tips for preparing your home for the winter months.

Today I’m eager to share a couple of simple home maintenance tips for the winter. This is the time of year to prepare your house for the colder months coming up.

  1. Faucet covers. These are small styrofoam covers that go over your outdoor water spigots so they won’t freeze when temperatures drop. They can be found at hardware stores for $2 to $3. I like these because you can simply slip them on, and the chore is done. This task is cheap, easy, and well worth the money because if you have damage to your water system, it’s very expensive to repair.

  2. ...

Q: How Can You Utilize Your Home Space for Work?

Here’s how you can better utilize your space if you’re working from home.

The world around us has changed so much this year, and many people have found themselves spending much more time at home than usual. Since so many people are working from home, the need for a home office has skyrocketed. In light of this, today I’ll share a few choice tips about how to make better use of your existing space.

The house we currently live in used to have a piano room, but after we bought it and cleared out that room, we immediately turned it into an office space. Some homes, however, are a bit more challenging. We used to live...

Q: What’s Going On In Our Market?

In our first market update, I’ll cover the highlights of our market conditions.

What can those who are thinking about buying and selling a house in the coming months expect from our market? Here are a few things to highlight:

If you’re thinking about selling in the next three months, you should be in good shape. We still expect to see those people who got new jobs moving into the area; big businesses have been coming to Georgia and our local area. Additionally, people will still be going through all sorts of life changes that necessitate buying a new house. That means there will be plenty of buyers in the market to bid on your property.

Right now in Bartow County, there are 160 homes for sale; in Floyd County, there are 130 homes for sale; and in Gordon County,...