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It Doesn’t Always Make Sense to Renovate

Here’s my advice for home sellers who think they need to upgrade before selling.

People will tell me all the time that the only thing holding them back from selling their home is their perceived need to make renovations. Whenever I hear this, I want to say, “Wait! Wait!” 

The truth is that in this market, you don’t really need to make those expensive renovations. It’s such a competitive market that we’re seeing very few sellers make renovations. They realize that they’ll make more money by not doing so.

Even the home renovations with the highest average returns won’t get you 100% of the money back that you put in. If you're going to live in...

Your Cartersville 2021 Real Estate Forecast

Here are my main predictions for what’s coming for our market in 2021.

Looking back at 2020, who would have thought our houses would become this crucial to us? Last year we worked from home, schooled our kids at home, and our houses became the best restaurants (at least for safety reasons). We even learned to cook better! (At least… I tried). 

2020 has also made it clear just how much technology has made buying and selling real estate easier. Between Zoom conferences, video walk-throughs, 3D Matterport home tours, and more, the amount of tech at our fingertips has never been as plentiful. 


Embarking on your first Georgia Winter?

Embarking on your first Georgia Winter? Let’s be honest, the big question is will they call for snow or not?

Notice I didn’t say “will it snow?” Honestly, if you are new to North Georgia I need to warn you what happens in Georgia in the winter. 

Here are some of our ?hot tips...