JSA take on MYTHS

JSA take on MYTHS 

There are some myths in real estate that we are tackling today! 

"So today at lunch we are talking about being such a great time to sell, don't we know someone who is a realtor? Isn't uncle Eddie a realtor? Should we call him?"

Almost everyone knows a real estate agent, whether they are a family member or a friend. With that said it is always important to interview multiple agents when listing your home.

Here are some of the important questions to ask are:

  1. How many houses have you sold in the past year?

  2. What is your marketing plan?

  3. Why should I hire you?

If you hear that an agent just put something on the lawn, took a picture through the phone and collected the paycheck, I'm sorry to break it to you. It's a terrible marketing plan.

Here are the three things you should look for in a marketing plan to sell your home:

  1. Professional photos and videos

  2. Social media advertising

  3. Make sure you do an open house so the buyers can take a look and see what they are actually buying and see the beauty of your home.

"Hey Doug, you know what? I know we are going to interview a real estate agent, but we don't need to! I can take the photos, I can get it online and I can show the house all of my own. We don't need them. Let's do a sale on our own."

Putting the sign in your yard is the easy part, but as a seller, you need someone who will help you navigate through all the negotiations.

  1. Inspection report

  2. Dealing with the repairs

  3. Appraisal

  4. Finally getting the closing table

  5. and there's a lot more to it especially to this market

If you are thinking of selling your home, reach out to us! We would love to help and give you the best advice possible.


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