Jenny's 4 Choices For A Valentine's Night At Home

 We all know this saying:

And this year feels like a stay home for Valentine's Day. But while I want to be home, I don't want it to be like a regular day! So here are my top 4 choices...

#1 A Romantic Dinner with fresh flowers, the good dishes, candle light, and a nice bottle of wine. Maybe even move a small table in a different room, in front of a window or a fireplace for dinner.

Now, if dinner is Chad cooking I'm totally happy! If it is going to be me cooking, I better get take-out and put it on the good dishes. :)

Yep, that is spaghetti pictured, trying to keep it real, it is a work-day! 

#2 Netflix with a Romantic Movie? Maybe. This site intrigues me, they list the most romantic movie by state. Might be fun to pick a state we always dream of moving to and watch that movie. 

#3 Pick a dessert, a decadent dessert, and make it together.

This one caught my eye and with a glass of champagne it could be delicious!

Here is the recipe, but honestly, I think I could pull it off with brownie mix and homemade strawberry icing. 

#4 Now, I'm going to be honest, this one is a little out of my norm, but our team did this and it was a lot of fun...Paint Night.

You can pick up a canvas at Hobby Lobby, some small paint samples, brushes, and see where you go! Chad and I might struggle sharing a canvas, as I'm kinda an abstract gal and he's...not. 

So any of these strike you as a fun way to spend with your Valentine?



#1 By Debbie Guy at 4/4/2019 -1:41 PM

when you post pictures of the good stuff you need a recipe to go with it....Just Saying!!

#2 By Jenny at 4/4/2019 -1:47 PM

Too funny! But you know I struggle cooking. :)

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