Jenny On What's Going To Happen In NW Georgia Real Estate In 2022

Jenny On What's Going To Happen In NW Georgia Real Estate In Spring 2022

Are you interested in knowing whether home values will go up or down with the recent happenings this 2022? Jenny is giving her predictions for the Spring 2022 market here in NW GA.

I think we will have a great year. I think there's plenty of sellers out there who are motivated to get those properties sold this year. The prices will continue to go up because we just don't see enough new construction to take that demand off and I don't think that the price is going to go down either.

The things that are happening in the world, will that have any impact? I will be honest, COVID-19 was a huge disruptor and it didn't have much of an impact rather than disrupt. It really pushed people to recognize what having a house means to them.

I think with everything that is going on right now I don't think interest rates will significantly go up this year to offset people who are getting a house and we need to understand as things happened with the inflation, war - all of that, what happens to rental prices? They continue to go up.

While we may not see the home prices go up at the rate they have been, I do believe we will see them continue to go up and with plenty of demand.

If rent prices go up, and interest rates go up then we will definitely see people want to lock into a home price that stays the same, in regards to the principal and interest, and not miss out on the historic low interest rates!

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