I received an offer to sell my house in the mail. Is it a scam?

I received an offer to sell my house in the mail. Is it a scam?

I have a public service announcement for you today! Do you happen to be getting offers to sell your house in the mail? If you have received a mailing offering to buy your house, you may be concerned about whether it is legitimate. I’d like to help you figure out if that letter that promises to buy your house is genuine or a fraud.

This happened to me last week, this offer came to my home mailbox and it's an offer on our property and it looks like an official or a real offer. And it is a real offer but it has some big issues!

One problem with this kind of offer is that it’s so low. This one that I got in the mail was off by 42% if I was selling my own property. They promise you it will be quick! (if you list your property at 42% OFF its value, it will sell quickly.

Do you want to lose this big percentage of money? Some people think that this 42% is just the same as paying the real estate fees. Trust me, we are not charging you 42%.  

The other problem with this offer is they aren't familiar with your property. They don't know what upgrades you've done inside your property. They are most likely pulling tax records and mailing offers to multiple people. Hoping someone will sell to them without knowing what the actual value of their home is. 

The third thing is fiduciary responsibility- this means "who's looking out for you?". Because this kind of offer is usually looking out for themselves or a buyer they represent. These kinds of offers sometimes look good, especially when you bought your house 10 to 15 years ago and you don't realize you could be losing 42%.

If you’re curious about what “fiduciary” means, it means we are committed and obligated to look out for YOUR best interest.

So, if you got this kind of mail and you have questions here are my contact:

Tel.: (678) 431-0731

Email: [email protected]

I would love to chat with you and help explain the process!

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