Helping Move-Up Buyers Navigate the Cartersville Market

Here's what today's market is like for move-up buyers.

What’s it like to be a move-up buyer in today’s market? Now, by ‘move-up buyer,’ I don’t necessarily mean that you’re moving up to a bigger house—it could be that you’re moving to a smaller house or what we call ‘right-sizing.’ Essentially, it means that you already own one home and that you’re ready to buy a new one. That can be a challenge in our market. Home prices right now are higher than I’ve ever seen them, and interest rates are low. 

Most of us have to weigh two things in this circumstance:

  • How much financial uncertainty are you comfortable with having? Many people like to have all the information available to make a plan, and other people are okay with uncertainty. For example, the second kind of person might buy another house knowing that if the deal goes badly, they could be stuck with two house payments for a while. Thankfully in this market, we haven’t seen that happen much.
  • How much life uncertainty are you comfortable with having? If you put your house up for sale and don’t know where exactly you’re going to be able to find another house, what will you do? Will you find a rental? Will you stay with friends or family until you find a new home to buy? Some people don’t like that kind of uncertainty, and others are willing to risk it to get the biggest financial gain from their sale. 

Click here to review our full homebuyer checklist, which will carry you through the steps to take to succeed with a dual transaction, no matter if you’re comfortable with uncertainty or not.

     Home prices right now are higher than I’ve ever seen them, and interest rates are low.

Additionally, we’ll soon be hosting a home seller’s boot camp that you’re invited to join. This boot camp is designed to walk you through the whole process of selling, including tips about home consultations, tips to help you stage your home, and more.

Reach out to me if you have any questions about navigating a double transaction or our home seller’s boot camp. I’d love to help you.

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