February 2021 Cartersville Market Update

Here’s the latest from our February Cartersville real estate market.

I have a new title: grandmother! We are over the moon that our oldest daughter Megan has had her first child, Josephine. With the pandemic still in full swing, it’s been rough on my heart because we haven’t been allowed to touch the baby yet. I’m counting down the minutes until she gets to go home and we can fully interact with her. You can see a photo of Josephine at 0:56 in the video above. 

The main topic today is great real estate news. I’m eager to share our market’s good news because for a while now it’s been mostly stressful news. In February 2020 there were 289 active homes on the market in Bartow, and we currently have 91. In Gordon, there were 131 active houses for sale in February 2020, and we have 44 right now. Though that may not seem like much, particularly on our team, we’re beginning to see more inventory come in; we have about 10 more listings coming up soon. Our real estate market is looking great.  

We’ve also been delighted with our JSA solution because our first buyer under contract was able to make an offer on the first property he fell in love with, and it was accepted. He was able to make an offer as if he were paying in cash (which he was, but it wasn’t his cash), and this made a massive difference.  

Our real estate market is looking up.

If you’re considering selling and have a price in mind, there’s a good chance we can get that price. However, remember that doing a for sale by owner frequently doesn’t get you top dollar because only a real estate agent can get the most eyes on your home. Our team truly delivers on that. There’s a major process that happens between the time the for sale sign goes in the yard to closing. Many issues can arise, and you need someone on your side fighting for your interests.  

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, we would love to help you. We’re committed to not just speaking with you but getting you where you want to be. If you have any questions about our market or real estate in general, call or email us. We hope to be your real estate resource.

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