Christmas Shopping at Target

Jenna put together a list of some possibilties for Christmas shopping at Target this year. If you click the title of the item it will link to it for you. :) 

1. Coffee cup

This adorable coffee cup seems to represent all that 2020 has been! All of us at some point or another have been a home body this year. I would love to brew a hot cup of coffee into this steely blue cup. 


2. Basket 

If your house is anything like mine, you always need more storage. This basket would be great for blankets, toys, or even as a super cute laundry basket. 

3. Ninja Foodi

I have heard nothing but good things about the Ninja Foodi. With it’s stellar reputation now Ninja has put out an appliance that can be used for air frying, air grilling and broiling. It can also saute, steam, slow cook and pressure cook! It is the ultimate small kitchen appliance! 

4. Blanket 

Nothing says welcome home like a warm blanket to curl up in while enjoying an afternoon reading your favorite book. I’m a huge fan of this chunky knit burgundy throw. 


The entire section of Hearth and Home products are amazing. These candles do not fall short on their styles as well as their scent. They are a perfect gift for someone who loves simplicity and style in their home decor! 


How gorgeous is this tapestry?! BoHo style is making a huge comeback right now. This tapestry would look amazing on an accent wall in your home. 

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