7 Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram If You Love HGTV


We also love Instagram. Instead of binge-watching House Hunters all day, we found inspiration on Instagram that will make your feed instantly better. 

Below are 7 accounts we follow on Instagram that you should follow if you love HGTV.

1. Sherwin Williams | ...

What will we find behind the walls of our Fixer Upper?

Someone asked if demo work was like they show on HGTV. Sorta. 

Here is a video of Sebastian in action taking a wall down. 

I considered picking up the sledge hammer and acting like I was doing demo work...but figured anyone who really knows me would say, "that has to be fake!"

I started this week so hopeful that we would find something incredibly cool as we started taking the walls down. Now, in my defense in our current home, letters were found from right before the Depression, written between two young college sweethearts! 

But while we didn't find a treasure like love letters, we did uncover this:

The big discussion is do we keep it and make it a focal point or...

Forget everything you have heard about remodeling a fixer-upper! I'm going to tell you the truth...

Chad and I have bought a house in Cartersville to rehab. It is a true fixer-upper and if you want to see all the photos click here to view all of the photos. But here is the main photo: 

The address is 135 Douglas Street Cartersville GA. It was listed with a realtor, so it wasn't some kind of super secret way to find good deals. A realtor is the way to go! It was listed for 118 days, so it did not move quickly either. The asking price was $90,000 and we paid $70,150. We paid all of our own closing cost, and did not ask for any additional concessions. 

Our budget for the rehab is $25-$30k. With Chad doing LOTS of the work, so if you don't have someone as handy it may be more expensive if you have...

6 Fabulous Dining Choices For Someone Ready To Try Somewhere New

Spring makes me want to get out of the house and experience new things! And dining is a great way to experience new places and simply explore.

Here is my list of 6 places I either want to try or go back again. :) 

Living in Adairsville, we have gone to the Woodlands Grill several times and it is always fantastic.  But on my Spring List is the Beer Gardens. I think it would be wonderful to relax with a drink and some of their  small plates. I took a peek at the menu and there are several I would like to try. Plus, for a date night can you go wrong with the atomosphere...

Jenny's 4 Choices For A Valentine's Night At Home

 We all know this saying:

And this year feels like a stay home for Valentine's Day. But while I want to be home, I don't want it to be like a regular day! So here are my top 4 choices...

#1 A Romantic Dinner with fresh flowers, the good dishes, candle light, and a nice bottle of wine. Maybe even move a small table in a different room, in front of a window or a fireplace for dinner.

Now, if dinner is Chad cooking I'm totally happy! If it is going to be me cooking, I better get take-out and put it on the good dishes. :)

Yep, that is spaghetti pictured, trying to keep it real, it is a work-day! 

#2 Netflix...


The JSA team is growing! We have several opportunities within our team. We are extremely focused and driven, and have a fun and energetic team environment. We are not just focused on our own production, but on our teams production and how we can help team members in their daily, professional performance.


Happy New Year Jenny's Thoughts

Here is the FB Live Video too.

The end of a year and the beginning of the next finds me searching for new products, books, and thought processes. If you are like me, then A New You is what would have caught your eye. So let's start there!

Healthy eating! But not crazy diets. Anyone who has been around me long knows I love sweets, and that’s not really changing in 2019. However, can I eat healthier is the question? I’m reading “...

7 Energy Saving Tips to Lower your Bills This Summer

Did you know the typical US family spends AT LEAST $2,200 per year on energy bills? 

The warm weather months are upon us and it’s getting hot, hot, hot! While you’re having fun in the sun this summer, we want to make sure your wallet isn’t “overheating” due to the cost of keeping cool. 

See our top 7 tips for saving energy during the summer below: 

Turn up the thermostat

This one may sound blatantly obvious but it’s definitely the most simple way to use less power. Turn the thermostat up as high as you can to still be comfortable, especially if you leave town for vacation. If you have a smart thermostat, you can even control it remotely. Also, be sure...

The Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt List

Are you looking for the perfect Easter Egg hunt in North Georgia? I've compiled a list that is sure to be a fun-filled, action-packed time for you and your family!

NorthPointe Church Adairsville

  • Saturday March 31, 2018 12pm to 2pm
  • Pizza, Inflatables, Prizes 
  • Egg hunt for kids under 10
  • For more information -