10 Most Memorable Houses From 2021

10 Most Memorable Houses From 2021

Best Kitchen

32 Charles Street, Cartersville

A newly-renovated gem with designer’s touches throughout!

Charming cottage in the heart of downtown Cartersville.

Best Master Bath

12 Royal Lake...

3 Things To Consider When Shopping Locally This Christmas Season

3 Things To Consider When Shopping Locally This Christmas Season

With Christmas just around the corner, have you started shopping yet? While it is so easy to order online and let’s be honest, the Amazon truck comes to our house way too often, there is something to be said about walking into a store. Browsing the stores for the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be fun, and can make a difference in our communities. 

First thing to consider is when we shop at locally-owned businesses, we bring money back to the communities we live in. According to national statistics, for every $100 spent in a locally owned store, 68 dollars stay right in our community. When we shop at the big box chain store, only 43 dollars stay in our community. That's a huge difference when our goal is to contribute to the...

International Coffee Day

Did you know today is International Coffee Day? Okay full disclaimer, I missed posting on Daughter's Day, although I  my three dearly and I may be in trouble, since I'm celebrating International Coffee day today by going to Noble & Main Coffee Co.

If you are wanting to be able to click the links that say "click here" you will need the pdf version which is here and it should work beautifully! Right here :)

If you have coffee today, post a photo in the comments so I can know who my favorite friends are. 


We are celebrating the end of Summer and kicking off the Fall season!

We celebrating the end of the Summer Season and kicking off the Fall Season!!! Lunch at Largos was delicious and as you can see we had some fun!!

These ladies have walked some miles this summer! I'm not going to lie, buyers have had a rough season with multiple offers and competing with cash offers BUT today was all about...
Cryssi, Karma, Tiffaney, and Lauren because they have handle this year with grace and confidence!
Being on a team isn't for everyone, because "team" at the heart of it, is a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal. And our goal at Jenny Smith and Associates is YOU!
We truly are committed to your goals and helping you achieve your real estate dreams! And as we walk in this new season,...

Start Your Cartersville Summer off Right With This Traeger Grill

Here’s how to enter our contest to win this gorgeous Traeger grill.

Today I’m with the one and only Erin Stepp from Fairway Mortgage, and she has a special surprise. It’s a Traeger grill and smoker for all of your BBQ needs this summer, and we’re giving it away to one of you!

This is the kind of grill we have at home so I can tell you how well it works. To enter for your chance to win this grill, all you have to do is reach out to us via phone or email and we will provide you with all of the directions to enter.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


February 2021 Cartersville Market Update

Here’s the latest from our February Cartersville real estate market.

I have a new title: grandmother! We are over the moon that our oldest daughter Megan has had her first child, Josephine. With the pandemic still in full swing, it’s been rough on my heart because we haven’t been allowed to touch the baby yet. I’m counting down the minutes until she gets to go home and we can fully interact with her. You can see a photo of Josephine at 0:56 in the video above. 

The main topic today is great real estate news. I’m eager to share our market’s good news because for a while now it’s been mostly stressful news. In February 2020 there were 289 active homes on the market in Bartow, and we currently...

How to Move Into/From Cartersville on a Budget

Here are some simple moving hacks that can make a world of difference.

Anyone who’s in the midst of a move can find themselves asking how it got so darn expensive. From boxes, bubble wrap, paper, and needing at least three guys to carry down the upstairs furniture, moving costs can really add up. I know how frustrating it can get, so I’ve created a PDF moving checklist that runs the whole gamut. From decluttering tips to prudent packing strategies, this resource covers it all. Today, though, I’ll touch on just a few of the finer points of moving. 

Moving is largely a mental game, and you’ve got to have the right mindset if you want to...

What Can Sellers Do About Cartersville’s Inventory Crunch?

Our market’s in an inventory crunch, but I have a solution for buyers.

I wouldn’t say the latest stats from our Cartersville real estate market should come as a surprise to you since the market has been hot for some time now, but every time they come in, I can't help but be impressed. 

In Bartow County, across all price points (e.g., $75,000 and up), there were 360 homes available for sale during January 2020. This past January, there were just 150 available. We have about half as many homes available, but not half the buyers (thank goodness!). People are ready to buy homes, they just can’t find one. In Gordon County, the story is very much the same. There were 162 homes available for sale during January 2020. This past January, that number dropped all the way down...

Embarking on your first Georgia Winter?

Embarking on your first Georgia Winter? Let’s be honest, the big question is will they call for snow or not?

Notice I didn’t say “will it snow?” Honestly, if you are new to North Georgia I need to warn you what happens in Georgia in the winter. 

Here are some of our ?hot tips...

JSA New Year Activities for Kids

#1 and my favorite one out of these 4 is the Year in Review with Goals for 2021. 

I love looking back over the year and finding the good in it. This year, at first glance, had lots of hard stuff, but thankfully plenty of good too. My favorite food this year would be...home cooked! And for games I would have puzzles!

The pdf version can be downloaded here. 

#2 Next up is snacks! Let the kids choose healthy or not-so healthy treat options to create their own customized mix at a do-it-yourself snack bar. When my girls were younger we always had fruit,...