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3 tips to have a stress free transaction

3 tips to have a stress free transaction 

Today we are sharing 3 tips to have a stress free transaction. 

First tip is, communication. Asking questions is the most effective way to communicate. We appreciate it when you ask us questions because it shows that you are engaged in the process and makes you feel more confident throughout.

Second thing to consider under communication is, let us know how you like to be contacted—either by phone, text message, or email. Anything works for us.

Last thing is, be direct; if something isn’t working, let us know. Be honest with us. We are your representatives, we are working for you and we want what’s best for you.

Tip number two is to be patient but decisive. So how does this work? Be patient...

5 red flags for buyers

5 red flags for buyers

Buying a home can possibly be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make! It goes without question that you want to feel comfortable with the people you are working with. When it comes to real estate, I believe your agent should be someone who has helped others avoid red flags if possible. That is why our team has put together this list for you, "The 5 Red Flags to look out for when buying a home".

It's not all about looks when you're interested in a house. A lot of times the floors will give you a good idea of how well built the house is. If it has soft floors, or if there are uneven spans, this could be a sign. Cryssi's tip is to bring a golf ball and test the floors.

If you are a new home owner you might not exactly know what to look for when it comes...

Do I really need a buyers’ agent?

Do I really need a buyers’ agent?

Do I really need a buyers’ agent? It seems to be a question that is on everyone’s mind these days. Whether it's your first time buying or you are a veteran, whether you are moving across town or state, or even if this is your third home you are buying – the fact remains – the same rule still stands – you need a buyers’ agent.

There are three things I will tell you on why you do, but I would rather just tell you one of these reasons and it will make such a huge difference and if you listen to this tip;  Number one, you want your own agent.

The listing agent's job is to ensure that the seller's interests are being met. The buyer's agent does the same thing but it is for the buyer. If you dig deep into it,...

3 things you need to know about before you start playing monopoly in real life

3 things you need to know about before you start playing monopoly in real life

Have you ever wanted to change your life and start playing monopoly in real life? You have to admit it is a fun game, but in reality, real life monopoly can be challenging. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when you purchase your own investment property and rent it out to other people. Here are three things to know before you buy an investment property and start renting it out.

The first thing you might want to consider is interest rates. They are higher than if you live in the house, so if you are buying an investment property, you need to factor in those interest rates and make sure you count them when you do your analysis....

What three things do you need to know when you close on a house in Cartersville, GA?

What three things do you need to know when you close on a house in Cartersville, GA?

Buying a home is a really exciting time of your life. This is one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime and it's a big step in starting a new chapter of your life. Of course, there are a lot of things that go into buying a house. You can get overwhelmed with the process if you don't know what to expect. That is why I will be going to highlight some important tips for you when you close on your next house in Cartersville, GA.

The first thing to expect is to receive a lot of mail after you close. Hundreds of people will send you a variety of envelopes and what they want you to pay attention to is refinance with them or pay for your deed, but the thing is that you already paid for that. Your...

A MUST have list vs a WISH list while house hunting in Cartersville!

Hey future home buyers! Having a MUST have list vs a WISH list can make a big difference to how the process ends when you have the keys in hand. 
 I’m here to help boost your home buying confidence with my FREE guide that will walk you through some key questions to help you determine the top factors to consider when you start your home search (checklist included!) When it comes time to determine what you are looking for in a home. This can help you  know without a doubt that...

How to get over the house that got away!

How to get over the house that got away:
Pull up a chair and come on in! I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee and I'm here to help relieve your house hunting blues.
They say Real Estate Agents double as "therapists" for a reason you know!
You found THE ONE. You wrote THE OFFER; you created Pinterest boards full of inspo for how...

Are you seeing this???

Are you seeing this ❗❓

8 pages of price drops in our three county area! Right HERE

Homebuyers -

Today, now, this weekend. T̲H̲I̲S̲ I̲S̲ Y̲O̲U̲R̲ T̲I̲M̲E̲!̲

!!Email after email this week with these headlines!!


Price Reduction.
New Price.
Price Adjustment
Price Change.
 New Listing Price.

As a homebuyer, you want to jump ALLLL over this!!! We're experiencing some buyer fatigue + overpriced homes which has resulted in these headlines.

We have slowed a bit.
But slow doesn't mean CRASHING....

Today’s Question: How Do I Buy If I Have a House to Sell?

Here’s how to buy and sell in this market.

How do you buy a home if you have a home to sell as well?

In this situation, there are two main hurdles to jump. The first is finding your new home. The second is making both transactions work once you do find your new home. Jumping both hurdles involves different strategies.

To find your new home, you first have to be clear about what you want. That’s when we real estate agents need to determine how often we see a home like that come to market. Is it every 30 days? Is it twice a year? What kind of house are you looking for? Sometimes we recommend selling first because the market is on fire for sellers. The money...

Your Home Inspection Questions Answered

Today Scott from HomeTeam  joins me to answer key questions about the process.

Today I’m joined by Scott Irmscher, who’s here to answer a few key questions about home inspections. Scott has been involved with thousands of home inspections over the course of his 20 years in the business, so he’s definitely an expert in this area. If you would like to visit his website here it is. 

Why do home inspectors sometimes miss certain items?

Home inspections are visual inspections, and inspectors often don’t see everything. There are things hidden behind walls,...