Are you torn between buying a new construction home and a resale home?

Jenny and Meagan from Jenny Smith and Associates are here to clear the air and highlight the key differences that prospective buyers should consider. From the unique upfront costs to the varying timelines, understanding these distinctions is crucial in making an informed decision that aligns with your home-buying goals. In this video, Jenny and Meagan dive deep into:

• Upfront Costs: Learn how the initial financial requirements for new construction homes differ from those of resale homes, and how this impacts your budgeting.

• Timing: Discover the differences in timelines between moving into a newly built home versus a resale home, and what this means for your planning.

• Making the Right Choice: Whether it’s the allure of modern designs and customization in new construction or the charm and convenience of established neighborhoods in resale homes, we'll help you weigh your options.

Moreover, Jenny and Meagan have prepared a comprehensive guide for those considering new construction. This guide is packed with insights to navigate the process smoothly, from choosing the right lot to understanding builder contracts.

📌 Interested in getting your hands on this invaluable resource? Drop us a comment below or reach out directly, and we'll make sure you receive your copy. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, we're here to support your journey to finding the perfect home.

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