5 red flags for buyers

5 red flags for buyers

Buying a home can possibly be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make! It goes without question that you want to feel comfortable with the people you are working with. When it comes to real estate, I believe your agent should be someone who has helped others avoid red flags if possible. That is why our team has put together this list for you, "The 5 Red Flags to look out for when buying a home".

It's not all about looks when you're interested in a house. A lot of times the floors will give you a good idea of how well built the house is. If it has soft floors, or if there are uneven spans, this could be a sign. Cryssi's tip is to bring a golf ball and test the floors.

If you are a new home owner you might not exactly know what to look for when it comes to the house maintenance issues. Sean has noticed when walking through homes how some items can indicate a home maintenance issue. For example, a home with a dirty air filter is a red flag for Sean. Dirty air filters could be a sign that home maintenance is not at the top of the priority of the current homeowners.

For Karma, mold and mildew could be a big deal. It's a problem when the above-mentioned issue is not taken care of in a timely manner. It could be a ventilation problem or water  coming in from somewhere. 

Kailey always looks for the stains on the ceiling. As a buyer, you'll never know where it comes from, if it's active or not and it could be an ongoing issue.

Jenny's tip for buyers is to work with the agent who has the right experience to spot these red flags. So you can look at the layout and feel of the house  while someone else is checking for red flags that you may need to consider before making an offer. 

If you need an expert working with spotting for the red flags, reach out to us we will be happy to help you!

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