3 tips to have a stress free transaction

3 tips to have a stress free transaction 

Today we are sharing 3 tips to have a stress free transaction. 

First tip is, communication. Asking questions is the most effective way to communicate. We appreciate it when you ask us questions because it shows that you are engaged in the process and makes you feel more confident throughout.

Second thing to consider under communication is, let us know how you like to be contacted—either by phone, text message, or email. Anything works for us.

Last thing is, be direct; if something isn’t working, let us know. Be honest with us. We are your representatives, we are working for you and we want what’s best for you.

Tip number two is to be patient but decisive. So how does this work? Be patient when searching for your dream house, but be decisive when you find it. Having patience can be hard but being decisive is a must. When you find the right house we need to be ready to go in and get the ball rolling fast. Sometimes, people will want to think about it and typically when we do that, the house is gone. 

Third tip: Be flexible, and decide what's most important to you. When looking at a house, we need to pay careful attention to the features that can’t be changed. An example would be a fenced back yard, it’s great if it is already there but if it’s not, it is fairly easy to add. But a level yard would be the opposite, if the yard is sloped or steep that is not something that is very easy to change. 

I hope these tips help you have a much more enjoyable home buying experience with a little less stress. Talk to you soon!

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