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Work From home Spots vs. Our Dream Work Spots

I asked the team to share with me their current work from home photo and their dream spots. Now, these are dream homes but they are all currently for sale in our area. :)

Here is my current work spot:

I ❤️ my work from home area but if I am dreaming...I crave unique. Check out these dreamy unique homes. 

Here is Lindsey's current spot:

Lindsey is first...So while I ❤️ my current work from home spot, I’m day dreaming of sunshine ☀️ and...

Understanding The Difference Between The Mortgage Rate & Fed Rate

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, the federal government cut the federal interest rates down to zero percent. This is the second federal rate cut in response to the Coronavirus crisis. Mortgage rates are not directly tied to the federal interest rates. However, the mortgage interest rates will be affected by moves that investors make and other factors.

Federal Rates Cuts and Other Economic Stimulation Activity

The government is fearful that the economy will fall into a deep recession if they don't make moves to stimulate it. That's why they lowered the federal interest rates to zero. There is more economic stimulation legislation that should help during this COVID-19 crisis, as well.

Bonds and Other Safe Assets

Many investors have...

How To Help Kids Understand The Anxiety that Comes with the Coronavirus

It's no secret that Coronavirus is a serious cause for concern, one that is sweeping all around the world. Your kids are more connected to the world than ever before. This is due to having instant access to breaking news via their cell phones. It's only natural that they, too, will have concerns.

Here are some of the best ways that you can help your children understand the anxiety that comes with the Coronavirus.

Let Your Kids Know That the Coronavirus is Almost Never Fatal

The very first thing that you should make clear to your children is that the virus is almost never fatal. In most cases, even if you catch this virus, the effects will be no worse than a very bad cold or the average flu. In other words, you'll need plenty of fluids and bed rest. But you won't be at major risk.

It has been...

How To Disinfect and Keep Your Home Clean During The Coronavirus Outbreak

I don't want us to be in a state of worry and dread, I want us to be wise. There is a big difference between the two. Dread and worry will cause you to not function well.

Wise, is assessing the situation and making choices on the part you can control. 

For me, it is having staples as well as basic medicines. Today, I cleaned off most of my knickknacks so my surfaces are smooth and easier to spray Lysol on. And I picked two pairs of shoes to wear out, so I can leave them in the garage when I come home.

Then when this is over I'm having a bonfire with both pairs of shoes! Yes, I plan on having a fire and tossing them in. 

I'm not telling or suggesting you do these. I'm saying assessing and taking action will calm you down. Look at your situation, find something you can do, and do it. But don’t let dread and worry tie you to your tv and phone, we need to be taking action, right inside of our own homes.

As the Coronavirus death count...

Seeing your home with a Buyer's eyes

One of the biggest challenges a home seller faces is seeing their home through a buyer’s eyes. Such a difference in perspective.

This Spring I am going to be pointing out some areas you may have a blind spot to. These are tips, easy to do tips, not tips disguised as home improvement projects. That is a whole different series. My goal is two-fold, give you some advice to help you sell your house quicker and for more money. Pretty good goal right? I also want our buyers to walk into homes that ARE good homes and not turn them down because of the feeling the house is giving off. I sound a little mystical there, but a house does give off a vibe when you walk in.

 First up, let’s talk about lighting. Oh my.

 All of us have heard turning our lights off will save money on our electric bill. But when you are selling your house it is the exact opposite. Having all the lights off will cost you money when you are selling.

 Why you ask?


Coming Soon in Calhoun and Open Houses

We are excited about both of these homes in Calhoun! 

First up is a fixer upper in Calhoun. Now what makes a fixer upper a fixer upper? It needs some work! Some houses need some love and some need some work. This one needs some work. So, what kind of work does it need?

It will need some up dated wiring, we know there is some type of plumbing issue but not sure exactly what is going on, and it does need cosmetic updates as well. But the pluses are really great in this home! The roof was put on around 2012. The HVAC and Hot Water heater is really newer. It is a tri-level home and has some really cool features to it. We don't have all the photos yet but here is the photo of the outside:

If you would like to schedule a showing for this weekend just respond back to the email and we will get you set up! Also, there is an Open House on Saturday from 2-4 p.m. if you would like...

Coming Soon in Ranger

So, first is the deal of 2019! If you are open to the Ranger area, then this is a log home on 6.77 acres with two ponds. Interestingly, and what makes it such a deal is the house.
One the main level, you have 3 bedrooms and two full baths, with about 1600 sq. ft. but upstairs, is ready to be finished, the walls (studs) are in, wiring is in, two full baths are plumbed and the it is ready for the HVAC to be installed. That means you could have an additional 2 baths and 3 more bedrooms.
There is also a custom built playhouse, chicken coop, dog run, metal building, and open barn on the property. And the house has an attached two car garage! It is being listed at $220,000 which is below the appraised value,...

Coming Soon 110 Park Street Adairsville

We are excited to share a couple of the photos from 110 Park Steet in Adairsville. Home will be available for showings starting Thursday. Price is $225,000 and the home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. These are a couple of my favorite photos. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us and if you would like to see it we would love to show it to you!

The brick fireplace is simply for looks now but is one of my favorite spots! 

And the kitchen is a dream to cook in! 

Here are just a couple more and yes, you may have guessed this but this home was my personal home. Everyone is always curious on why someone is moving and for...

7 Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram If You Love HGTV


We also love Instagram. Instead of binge-watching House Hunters all day, we found inspiration on Instagram that will make your feed instantly better. 

Below are 7 accounts we follow on Instagram that you should follow if you love HGTV.

1. Sherwin Williams | ...

Here's how long you should live in your home before you sell it.

Whether you just moved in or have lived in your home for 50
years, it's common to wonder how long you should stay in your
home before you sell it. According to the National Association of
Realtors®, ten years is the average amount of time that a
homeowner will stay in their home before deciding to sell it.

Now, personally we find ourselves moving about every 5 years. And yep, we are starting to feel that moving itch again. :)

If you're under ten years and itching to sell, many experts say you
should follow the “five-year rule” and stay in the same home for at
least five years before selling.

This may sound like a long time and you may think you are readyto sell now, but before you make any rash decisions, we put together a few of the most important factors that you should be aware of.